Equipment Specifications

We have the ability to specify and apply the latest equipment technologies in a suffciently expedient fashion to satisfy the most stringent schedules...

The equipment specifications ensure that each potential equipment supplier is clear of the requirements and what are the delivarables in his scope of supply...

Detailed evaluations highlight the differences amongst the proposed equipment features to aid the client with the final selection process...

  • 140 tph VRM for grinding slag or clinker
  • 4000hp Synchronous Motor retrofit for Ball Mill
  • 46kV - 30MVA Power Distribution
  • Coal storage and handling
  • Continuous On Line Raw Meal Material Analyzer
  • GAS conditioning tower modifications
  • Kiln drive replacement
  • New Kiln ID Fan and Duct
  • NOx emission reduction
  • Power distribution 115kV to 13800V
  • Preheater ID fan replacemet
  • Pulverized Coal Injection
  • Raw Mill Motor for VRM
  • Replace Raw Mill Precipitator
  • Replacement FM separator
  • SNCR Through Mid Kiln Injection
  • Solid AFR storage and handling
  • Storage silo dedusting