Civil Engineering Design

After the integrity of the structure have been verified, the details design can start...

This activity includes but is not limited to the following:
-Finalize the general arrangement drawings...
-Complete details for reinforcing steel for the concrete...
-Complete details of steel members and connections...
- Grading and finish elevations...
- Details for miscellaneous steel and accesses...

  • 140 tph VRM for grinding slag or clinker
  • 4000hp Synchronous Motor retrofit for Ball Mill
  • 46kV - 30MVA Power Distribution
  • Coal storage and handling
  • Continuous On Line Raw Meal Material Analyzer
  • GAS conditioning tower modifications
  • Kiln drive replacement
  • New Kiln ID Fan and Duct
  • NOx emission reduction
  • Power distribution 115kV to 13800V
  • Preheater ID fan replacemet
  • Pulverized Coal Injection
  • Raw Mill Motor for VRM
  • Replace Raw Mill Precipitator
  • Replacement FM separator
  • SNCR Through Mid Kiln Injection
  • Solid AFR storage and handling
  • Storage silo dedusting